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FORTUNE 1000 – spreadsheet file 2022

This is our annual ranking of the largest companies in America, now in its 68th edition. We have meticulously compiled a comprehensive list of 1000 companies, including their ranking, name, number of employees, revenues, profits, assets, and market value, among other key metrics.

In addition, we have created a tab called “compare,” where we compare the share prices of FORTUNE 500 companies over various timeframes, ranging from the last 52 weeks to 10 years. We have also identified the top 200 companies that have performed the best over these timeframes, with a special emphasis on those that have demonstrated exceptional stability, denoted by a yellow background.

To further enhance user experience, we have added a column with a drop-down menu that allows users to select their desired timeframe for reviewing share prices, making it easier to identify companies that have performed well in recent months amidst inflation concerns. Kopiera

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